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S2S - Student to Student Transactions

Student Grounds puts the money back into the student’s pocket by matching buyers and sellers to carry out campus based, student to student transactions (S2S) that satisfy all aspects of college life.


Have a service you’d like to offer? Make money for it. Our unique matching system links consumer with supplier to facilitate quick, cost effective services on campus and beyond. Performance reviews ensure that service providers are held to the highest standards.

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Finally Save Real Money on Textbooks

College students spend thousands on their education. Students wait weeks until they receive their textbooks. SG eliminates these problems through S2S transactions, saving money and valuable time through eliminating the third party transaction.

Sustainable Transactions

Student Grounds is able to eliminate shipping, transportation, packaging, and all the waste and CO2 emissions that go into shipping products across the world. By effectively cutting out the middleman we are able to put more money into the hands of the consumer while helping create more sustainable transactions.